April 17, 2011

Wild West History Of The Frontier And Beyond

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The Wild West was America’s claim to the wild frontier and the adventures that came with it. The term frontier is used to describe the area of land that was being settled by pioneers and explorers from the east. As people moved west during the early years of American history the frontier zone shifted with the movers. Eventually the frontier zone met up with the Pacific Ocean. The Monterey-Carmel areas of California are today’s frontier zones.
Monterey was first settled in 1770 and served as the (more…)

April 2, 2011

History On The Water Front Was Wild In The West

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With its sunny climate, rugged coastline, and magnificent scenery, California is one of the grandest places to visit in the country. This article will concentrate exclusively on the two cities of Monterey and Carmel and the area immediately surrounding. Many of John Steinbeck’s novels are set here.

In Monterey you can see the Monterey Bay Aquarium. No one can afford to miss the fluorescent jellyfish, nor the four sea otters who live there permanently. And there are the Pacific House Museum, which houses exhibits on (more…)